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Sophisticated drinks in the shadow of the historic Torre della Pagliazza

One of the most delightful squares in Florence is Piazza Santa Elisabetta. Almost lost and invisible in the skein of streets that winds through the area of ​​the Duomo, the area of ​​the square is made special by historic buildings that raise high walls around it. The most striking of these buildings is the historic Torre della Pagliazza, once a female prison and now home to the wonderful Hotel Brunelleschi, which houses not only a refined gourmet restaurant, the Santa Elisabetta, but also a more disengaged tavern, the Osteria della Pagliazza, and an unmissable bar: the Tower Bar.

Tower Bar - Firenze

Entering the hotel lobby and going to your right through the rooms of the inn, you will find, at the bottom, a large illuminated bar behind which stands the acrylic painting “Fly Golden Lady” by the artist Massimo Barzagli. Exploring the rooms that depart from the main hall, you would discover a refined Belle Epoque style lounge, in soft tones, divided into several rooms, where a cloak of silence and quiet descends on the hubbub of the surrounding streets.

Tower Bar - Firenze

Sit and you will be served. The Tower Bar has a range of the most complete. In addition to classic drinks, soft drinks, cafeteria, finger food and homemade ice creams, you will find on the menu a drink list that will not fail to intrigue you, including champagne and bubbles, interesting proposals for happy hour and a series of signature drinks original and tasty to go with cold cuts, club sandwhich, fish & chips or an excellent focaccia caprese.

Tower Bar - Firenze

Among the special cocktails stands Brunelleschi Mary, the Brunelleschi version of the famous Bloody Mary, or the Luxury Margarita, which combines the flavors of tequila, mezcal and triple sec with flavors of agave, ginger and pink salt crust of the Himalayas. There is also a drink list dedicated to sparkling cocktails, whose two most fascinating names are the Pomegranate Sunset, refreshing and refined, or the more exotic Hibiscus Moment, with its hints of citrus and licorice.

Tower Bar - Firenze

You can also decide to drink a twist of the great mixology classics, with variations made on the Manhattan, the Vodka Martini and the Martini Classic cocktail. The gin really seems to be a specialty of bartenders that also offer the ability to compose your gin tonic as you like by choosing the brand of gin, the tonic that you prefer and the final seal. The hotel is also part of the Maison Recommandée Perrier-Jouët, a group of bars where you can taste all the best cuvées of the brand and that, at the Tower Bar, are included in an inviting champagne aperitif.

Ultimately, the Tower Bar is a perfect retreat for those who want to visit a less touristy Florence than usual, experiencing the skill of mixologists, the quality of each ingredient and the beauty of a unique location that has made its name a synonym of quality.


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