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Renato Coiffeur

Sessant’anni di tagli eccellenti

It was back in 1952 when a father and a son, Vittorio and Renato, moved from Urbino to Florence, eager to bring their talent for coiffure from the Marche region’s mountains to the sweet hills of the Tuscan capital. “Luck smiles at the audacious”, teaches the proverb and for this family it was just like that. The transfer to Florence marked the beginning of a brilliant career, studded with hard work and successes, which led Renato Coiffeur to be the reference point that is today.

An activity survives for many decades only for one reason: the constancy of an aim, perseverance towards a final goal, the strength of a mission. Basing its success on the constant research and innovation, on interpreting the wishes that the customer expresses, obtaining not only an excellent aesthetic result but also giving emotions, Renato Coiffeur has managed to stand out in the panorama of the Florentine salon.

The concept cultivated here is not only about the hairstyle or the excellence of the products, but also involves all the different facets of which a salon de coiffure like this is composed. The quality also concerns the environment that surrounds the customer, the staff that takes care of it, with an eye always fixed on updating and information, just to propose to those who rely on his hands (and scissors) the state- of-the-art for everything related to hairstyling.

Renato Coiffeur - Firenze

The attention to detail goes so far as to select only products that safeguard the health of your hair such as reflective water and natural henna together with pigments, to obtain a wide range of nuances that do not damage the delicate nature of the hair. The cut, the finishing, all steps of a ritual that will transform your look, giving it the shape that suits  best.

But Renato Coiffeur is a place dedicated to the care of the body at 360 degrees, and offers a range of aesthetic treatments ranging from make-up, massage, scrub and skin cleansing treatments to manicure and nail care. Each of these treatments takes place in compliance with the highest standards of excellence. Just think that even the air you breathe is mechanically reciprocated and purified by filters changed weekly.

There is nothing else to say, the rest of this experience you will have to live it yourself, going to this elegant salon and entrusting you with confidence to true experts in hairstyling that will take care of all your need.

Noi no, per questo condividiamo ogni settimana le miglioni esperienze
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