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Beside being a city of art, Florence is also a city of fashion. The tradition that binds it to the world of tailoring and elegance is very long, witnessed by the presence of dozens of historic addresses that, despite being very different from each other, are united by the same vocation for excellence. Among all these points of reference there is also a boutique, slightly more decentralized but not neglected, that over time has become a reference point for all Florentine fashion addicts: Playground.

Playground - Firenze

Playground opened about ten years ago, and deals mainly with streetwear but without restricting too much its proposal and offering, especially offering to the female audience, always modern but more elegant solutions. In short, one of those boutiques that, while preserving its vocation, wants to give its customers a choice for every occasion, but without ever betraying their own spirit and style. In a corner, the boutique is spread over three floors, with a large skylight that, from the ground floor, opens onto the basement, while, next to the staircase leading to the first floor dedicated to menswear, a vertical garden rejoices with its green lines minimals of the environment.

Playground - Firenze

The continuous drive towards research and innovation is also felt strongly in the appearance of the boutique itself. Located in via Minzoni, a few steps from Piazza della Libertà, the Playground boutique is a jewel in constant growth and evolution. The recent restyling gave it a minimal look, based on the double cross between wood and iron, black and white. In the spacious rooms, each exposed piece has its own space, there is no overcrowding, but everything can be explored slowly, as it is right to do when there is such a high quality at stake.

Playground - Firenze

Edwin, Champions, Stone Island, Dries Van Noten, Diesel, Black Coral. These are just some of the brands that you will find inside the store. A street chic and youthful proposal always in line with the most contemporary trends. There are also sneakers and perfumes, to complete a look that will make you feel immersed up to the neck in the trendy world of Playground.

Playground - Firenze

If you are passionate about dressing and style, you can’t miss a visit to Playground during your tour in the city, which thanks to the modernity of its proposal and its environments perfect to welcome a contemporary clientele will give your wardrobe unique pieces, which will be your pride and your joy.

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