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Pasta like you always wanted it

In the center of Florence, not too far from Piazza Strozzi and Palazzo Vecchio, there is a restaurant that, seeing it from the street, excites the curiosity: PaStation. On the door stands a curious gold-colored writing: “Pasta Bistrot”. A term that is not often heard, but effectively summarizes the spirit behind this restaurant. It is dedicated, as is clear from the name, to pasta in all its forms. The novelty is that, instead of having a predetermined menu of dishes, you can compose your dish choosing the pasta format (and, yes, there is also a gluten free option) and the seasoning you prefer among the eight classics that you find on the list. There is also baked pasta, gnocchi alla sorrentina and the menu of the day, always new.

Pastation - Firenze

Surrounding the pasta, the central protagonist of the restaurant proposal, you will find a series of appetizers, tartares, salads and desserts that will enrich your table even more, as well as the aperitif of the day, which includes a platter of cold cuts and two glasses of wine choosed from a rich selection of wines from the prestigious Antinori cellars. It is clear that the goal set by the team behind PaStation is to combine quality and uniqueness under one name, offering its guests the opportunity to enjoy the authentic taste of Italian gastronomy every day, typical of family environments, both important in the gastronomic conscience of each of us, but applying techniques related to the concepts of slow food and quick cooking.

Pastation - Firenze

The offer of this restaurant is made even more complete by the take away option, which allows you to eat a plate of home-made pasta still warm where you want; from the corner where you can buy quality products recognized with the ability to receive the valuable advice of the chefs and a food truck present at the main events inside and outside Florence.

Pastation - Firenze

There is really nothing that is lacking in PaStation, in short, the only requirement is a bit of imagination to create your plate of excellent traditional pasta and a burning, uncontrollable love for carbohydrates. What are you waiting for to go and try it?

Noi no, per questo condividiamo ogni settimana le miglioni esperienze
di Milano e dintorni...

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