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Street Food

Il Cernacchino

Rustic Tuscany between two slices of bread

Peposo, ciccina, carabaccia, fegatini, acquacotta. Names that every Tuscan recognizes from his childhood memories, traditional dishes so rooted and typical of their territory that they seem almost elusive to the tourist who, unaware, explores the surface of Tuscan regional gastronomy, made of Florentine-style steaks, pici senesi, ribollita and lampredotto. In the center of Florence thanks to Cernacchino the rustic, home-like flavor of tradition meets the practicality of street food and presents itself to all the curious (and greedy) who pass through the door.

It looks just like the kitchen of a Florentine grandmother, the Cernacchino, with its comfortable and demodé air with a large flaming red kitchen hood, a place with attention to detail but uninterested in the lines and angles of certain design venues. Here to reign is tradition, a welcoming tradition, devoid of any haughtiness. Few stools and seats, the space of the restaurant is intimate, perfect for tasting the most succulent specialties of the region while sipping a glass of excellent Chianti.

The specialty of Cernacchino are the sandwiches that contain within them the great classics of the typical cuisine, some of which are used as a real edible bowl, giving them a turning point towards the street-food world which, however, does not mark a renunciation of its roots , rather. The best of tradition is presented here in a more user friendly key, so to speak, transforming the usual dish of the grandmother into an unprecedented gourmet sandwich that perfectly balances all its inspirations.

For those who want something different from the sandwich, Il Cernacchino offers almost the entire inventory of Florentine and Tuscan tradition. Whatever you choose, however, Il Cernacchino will satisfy your appetites and leave you wanting to come back again and again.

Noi no, per questo condividiamo ogni settimana le miglioni esperienze
di Milano e dintorni...

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