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Honeysuckle & Davana – The Jo Malone London’s latest creation

The English honeysuckle is the undisputed star of the brand’s new fragrance

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The celebration of the authentic British style and the art of giving life, has always inspired the philosophy and the creations made by Jo Malone London. The British brand has its place in Italy with a unique boutique in Florence, in Via degli Speziali 6/8, two single-brand boutiques in Milan, respectively in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 13 and in Via Manzoni 18, besides other boutiques located in Roma, Torino e Verona. It’s the quintessence of the British spirit itself that is evoked by Honeysuckle & Davana, the latest floral perfume created by the brand.

Jo Malone London - Firenze

In fact, the honeysuckle is the British flower par excellence. It grows spontaneously in the countryside, climbing around the trees, and almost all the British people keep sweet memories about its fragrant scent and its luminous petals. A complex flower, which its smell changes and evolves unexpectedly during the day, has an essence that hasn’t been caught in any perfumery, and now it’s exalted in all its aspects by the latest creation of Jo Malone London.

Jo Malone London - Firenze

The honeysuckle’s beauty and complexity, besides its British origins, have led the creative team of Jo Malone London to develop this fragrance, intensifying its bucolic’s aspect and the pleasure of the country life evoked by the flower. By this way, it was created a cheerful and carefree fragrance that remembers us sunny days in the flower gardens. Thanks to the headspace technology, the honeysuckle’s olfactory molecules from the National Arboretum of Cotswolds have been caught to faithfully recreate the smell of this flower, and give life to a something new and absolutely British.   

Jo Malone London - Firenze

The result is a fresh and flowery perfume created by the master perfumer Anne Flipo, the unexpected twist of the Honeysuckle’s fragrance is given by:  the freshness of the rose, the head note of davana – a plant with a hint of liquorice that adds a lively and fruity touch -, the woody base note of the undergrowth moss and finally from the patchouli.  It’s a perfect perfume itself or in combination with other fragrancies, as suggested by the art of Fragrance Combining™, by which Jo Malone London is known all over the world. For an elegant evening, it matches harmoniously with Oud & Bergamot for both men and women, with Peony & Blush Suede for a more sensual and feminine touch or Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. Besides of these, it’s also perfect for use after a shower with the refreshing Hand & Body Wash Grapefuit.  

Jo Malone London - Firenze

The Honeysuckle & Davana perfumes and candles are available in September in all Jo Malone London boutiques and also online. What are you waiting to be inspired by honeysuckle notes and keep the carefree and sunny memories even when the summer is not greeting us?

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