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Boutique Nadine

Vintage, refinement and a feline mascot named Leone

Strolling along the Lungarno, you may come across a shop window that reveals a shop with a Parisian soul and a warm atmosphere. Boutique Nadine, in fact, brings the French capital closer to the Tuscan capital, bringing your mind along the Seine with a beret on your head and a good macaron in your hand.

Boutique Nadine - Firenze

The idea was born from Irene and, a few years later, by chance, Matteo, a friend and companion of kindergarten, joined the adventure. The glue that unites them is curiosity, the constant search for new inspirations, unconventional and small details that do not stop at the Florentine borders but travel beyond both geographically and with fantasy.

Boutique Nadine - Firenze

In 2006 the first Nadine Boutique store was born, facing romantically on the Lungarno while five years later, in 2011 another store opened in Via de ’Benci. If you are lucky, you will also get to know a special mascot, the cat Leone. Collections of Florentine and European brands, a careful selection of vintage garments and accessories, objects, precious little things. All the creations for sale are unearthed and sought after around the world.

Boutique Nadine - Firenze

Among the items on sale you will come across the lines designed by the two owners: Odette, is the brand founded by Irene that offers sophisticated romantic dresses, light with feminine silhouettes characterized by prints and original cuts. Vigliano is the brand of men’s swim trunks in cotton by Matteo and, finally, Second floor is a menswear line of shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.

Boutique Nadine - Firenze

To the lines sold exclusively in the store there are also added niche items and items that have won the attention of the two whimsical owners. Treasures among which to browse in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere perfect for a regenerating shopping session from which you will certainly not come out empty handed.

Boutique Nadine - Firenze

The shopping experience is even more enjoyable and rewarding for the eyes because after you choose the perfect dress, accessory or necklace you can relax in the splendid retro-styled settings. A typewriter, fans, a map that recalls the classrooms of elementary schools, suitcases and trunks, Leica cameras and lamps with bizarre shapes.

Boutique Nadine - Firenze

Among past memorabilia and objects that contain stories of other times you can find Ouigal’s shoes, precious little pieces by young designers displayed between pages of books and in old tin boxes, garments designed and produced in Tuscany, colorful socks by Bonne Maison and original and unusual home decor accessories such as Bitossi ceramics, the creations of the Danish brand Hay and the ex voto in hanging fabric by Veronica Bonuccelli.

Noi no, per questo condividiamo ogni settimana le miglioni esperienze
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